WISL HALL OF FAME: Howard Hertzog a.k.a Scott Davis

Howard Hertzog a.k.a Scott Davis in the WISL Control Room

Howard Hertzog was a very busy guy in the Shamokin Area. During his short life, he managed to pack in as much activity and good will as he could. Howard was an active member of the Jaycees and served on the committee that raised the money needed to purchase a heart monitor for Shamokin State General Hospital. Howard was also the co-chariman for the 1969 Shamokin Area Heart Drive. Remember LAREDO (the Lower Anthracite Regional Economic Development Organization)? He was also chairman for the 1969 Miss Laredo Contest. LAREDO was the organization that helped start the Glen Burn Mine Tour, Howard also served as a tour guide. He was President of the Shamokin Area Amateur Radio Club, and if that wasn’t enough he also worked at the Singer Store and at the Sun Ray Drug Store.

Howard was also a Disc Jockey at WISL using the name Scott Davis. He joined WISL in the late 1960’s and would work there until his untimely death in 1972. According to Hertzog’s daughter Angela, Howard struggled with heart issues his entire life. Scott Davis passed away while doing the night show on WISL on August 5th 1972, leaving behind his wife and two-year old daughter. He was only 33 years old.

We were able to get in touch with Angela last year and learn more about her father Howard. Angela was able to find some pictures of her father and even found a box full of old reel to reel tapes in the attic of her family home. Every time we are able to locate audio of WISL, it is a special thing, however this time the audio meant so much more. When her father passed away, Angela was only 2 years old. In conversation we learned that she had never heard her father’s voice. These tapes offered a very special window into the past and the chance for Angela to “meet” her father again. We were able to get a clean dub of the audio from the tapes she found, and what a treasure. We found radio shows, commercials, outtakes and sports broadcasts all featuring the voice of her father, Scott Davis.

Through the courtesy of Angela Hertzog we present to you Scott Davis!


Scott Davis aircheck WISL 1971

Scott Davis Show for Scott Berkelson WISL 1971

WISL Saturday Line-Up Promo (Scott Davis Voiceover)

Shamokin Sunoco Stations – Inspection Commercial (Scott Davis Voiceover)

Pickwick Self Service Shoe Mart Commercial (Scott Davis Voiceover)

Alfie’s Boutique Commercial (Scott Davis Voiceover)

WISL Drop “Scott Davis Plays The Heavy Hits”


(click the image to enlarge)

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