Vintage Shamokin Equipment Jingle

Shamokin Equipment Corner of Shamokin and Sunbury Streets

Shamokin Equipment is located at the corner of Sunbury and Shamokin streets and has served Shamokin for over 50 years. As the advertisement below states, they were a full service business equipment supplier in the early days. Most in Shamokin know the business for it’s selection of home appliances and as a long time Frigidaire Dealer.

Shamokin Equipment Ad January 15th 1953

Presented here is a jingle created for Shamokin Equipment dated 1951. We recently stumbled across this acetate disc at an antique store in Lewisburg, PA. This is a great example of the early early sound of local radio at WISL. This jingle would have been used to set up a live announcer reading the advertised specials at Shamokin Equipment for the day. Before the wide use of tape machines, most radio stations would “cut” items such as jingles and promotional spots to acetate discs. These discs would then be used for future playback. This particular disc was most likely a “proof” that would have been sent to the advertiser for approval before the advertising campaign began. You can also tell that this was an “in-house” production, most likely with local talent as the musicians and singer. Unfortunately, we have no other information about this jingle.

Shamokin Equipment Transcription Disc Label

We hope you enjoy this incredible find…


1951 Shamokin Equipment Jingle Side #1

1951 Shamokin Equipment Jingle Side #2

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