“Mr. District Attorney” starring David Brian

TV Guide Ad from 1958 for the Television Version of “Mr. District Attorney”

“Mr. District Attorney” was a very popular and long running radio drama. Starting in April 1939 as a 15-minute serial, the program would become a 30 minute program by June when it was named the summer replacement for The Bob Hope Show. “Mr. District Attorney” was created, written and directed by Ed Byron who based the program on New York Governor Thomas Dewey who was famous for his war against racketeering. Byron sought to bring a very realistic program to the air. The stories were a product of Byron’s study of crime statistics, criminology texts and crime reports in the newspaper. Byron was known to even mix with local criminals and police to further his research.

David Brian “Mr. District Attorney” on the radio 1952-1953

From 1939 to 1952, “Mr. District Attorney” aired on NBC and ABC and starred Dwight Weist (1939 15-minute serials), Raymond Edward Johnson (1939 30-minute programs), Jay Jostyn (1940-1952) and David Brian (1952-1953 syndication) as the main character, simply called “Mr. District Attorney” or “Chief”.

Other cast members:

“Voice of the Law” – (The program’s opening announcer) Maurice Franklin and also Jay Jostyn before taking over the lead role.

“Miss Miller” – (Edith Miller the District Attorney’s secretary) Vicki Vola

“Miss Rand” – (The District Attorney’s receptionist) Eleanor Silver and Arlene Francis

“Len Harrington” – (The District Attorney’s Chief Investigator) Walter Kinsella and Len Doyle (1940 -1953)

“Mr. District Attorney” Ad from the Shamokin News-Dispatch October 16th 1954

The program began it’s television run on ABC on October 1st 1952, and was placed into general syndication on radio for the 1952 season.

WISL brought Mr. District Attorney to the air in late 1954, at the tail-end of it’s days on the radio. The episodes ran by WISL were the David Bryan independent syndication episodes. The program aired Sunday afternoons at 4pm and was sponsored locally by D&R Radio of Trevorton and Connaghan’s Music Store of Mount Carmel in what appears to be a ZENITH “co-op” advertising deal.

Presented here for your enjoyment are five original episodes of “Mr. District Attorney.”


The Deadly Snowflake (original air date May 26, 1948)

The Unknown Source (original air date July 14, 1948)

The Bridal Path Murders (original air date May 31, 1953)

The Body On The Freight Train (original air date July 12, 1953)

The Lady Gamblers (1954)

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