Tom Kutza Interviews Clarke Ingram January 30th 1992 ***RARE VIDEO***

One of the things we love here at is finding a long forgotten tape of WISL when it was live and local. Hearing the disc jockey banter, the voices of the callers, the subject matter and advertisers gives us an incredible look into not only how the radio station sounded, but also the community that it served. Today, however, we have a very special opportunity, the chance to actually watch WISL Radio in action!

Radio Personality Clarke Ingram

The date was January 30th 1992 and Tom Kutza has a special guest on his daily talk show. On this program Tom welcomes Clarke Ingram, veteran radio personality to the WISL microphone. Clarke is a Pittsburgh native and his radio career has carried him from powerhouse radio stations such as B-94 (WBZZ-FM) in Pittsburgh, Z-100 (WHTZ-FM) New York City, Eagle 106 (WEGX-FM) in Philadelphia and as far as KRQ (KRQQ-FM) in Tuscon, Arizona. Clarke would be recognized in 1995 as one of “The 40 Best Top 40 DJ’s Of All Time” by the readers of Decalcomania Magazine and in 2000, he was honored as one of radio’s “Legends Of The Airwaves” at The Conclave, an annual radio seminar in Minneapolis. In 2008 he was inducted into the industry publication FMQB’s radio “Hall Of Fame.”

So, what was such an accomplished major market, Top-40 disc jockey doing in Shamokin speaking with WISL’s “Morning Mayor”? Well, the answer is simple. Clarke knows good radio, and in his travels through the coal region, he listened to WISL radio. On one such excursion, Tom happened to be hosting a live remote from the Paxinos Flea and Farmer’s Market and Clarke decided to stop by and say hello. The rest is history.

What you will see in this video is a living and breathing Shamokin radio station. You will get to see the vintage equipment in action, as well as the newly added 99.7 FM station (the studio was through the window just behind Tom). You will also get to see Tom’s partner in crime for so many years, Jeff Maddox at the console. These are all great things to see, however, the most incredible thing about this video is being able to watch Tom Kutza live in action, doing what he does best. There are contests, trivia, phone calls, commercials, but what rises above it all is the comfort and the sincerity that Tom brought to every broadcast, you can see why someone like the great Clarke Ingram would jump at the chance to stop in and spend some time on the WISL airwaves. When you were in Tom’s studio, or listening to Tom’s program, you were home.

Some of the subject matter you will hear: Sun Ray Drugs, the state of radio, what it means to be a community radio station, discussion of popular music and more!

We hope you enjoy this incredible video. Please leave a comment below to share with us your memories and don’t forget to pass this along to someone would enjoy a glimpse into what radio was meant to be all about!


WISL (Shamokin) Tom Kutza Interviews Clarke Ingram January 30th 1992 from James Treese on Vimeo.

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