Happy St. Patrick’s Day; Tom Kutza Interviews Joseph John “The Polish Leprechaun” 1997

It was St. Patrick’s Day 1997 and Tom Kutza’s talk program on WISL hosted a very special guest for the holiday. His name was Joseph Shilpetski but on St. Patrick’s Day he called himself Joseph John “The Polish Leprechaun” and he was live and very much in color in the WISL studios at Rock andContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day; Tom Kutza Interviews Joseph John “The Polish Leprechaun” 1997”

WISL HALL OF FAME: Bernie Romanoski

WISL HALL OF FAME: Bernie Romanoski October 7, 2016 The Anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania has produced some of the finest athletes our country has known. In high school football, our schools are frequent winners of regional and state championships and nobody knew those teams and their coaches better than Bernie Romanoski. No WISL HallContinue reading “WISL HALL OF FAME: Bernie Romanoski”

Tom Kutza Interviews Clarke Ingram January 30th 1992 ***RARE VIDEO***

One of the things we love here at WISLRadioHistory.com is finding a long forgotten tape of WISL when it was live and local. Hearing the disc jockey banter, the voices of the callers, the subject matter and advertisers gives us an incredible look into not only how the radio station sounded, but also the community thatContinue reading “Tom Kutza Interviews Clarke Ingram January 30th 1992 ***RARE VIDEO***”

“Mr. District Attorney” starring David Brian

TV Guide Ad from 1958 for the Television Version of “Mr. District Attorney” “Mr. District Attorney” was a very popular and long running radio drama. Starting in April 1939 as a 15-minute serial, the program would become a 30 minute program by June when it was named the summer replacement for The Bob Hope Show. “Mr. District Attorney” wasContinue reading ““Mr. District Attorney” starring David Brian”

WISL HALL OF FAME: “The Morning Mayor” Tom Kutza

There are few names more recognizable in the Shamokin and Mount Carmel areas than Tom Kutza, and even fewer that conjure up such positive and happy memories. Of all the voices heard over the WISL airwaves, Tom’s was there the longest, spending roughly 34 years behind the microphone. To many, it’s unimaginable to think thatContinue reading “WISL HALL OF FAME: “The Morning Mayor” Tom Kutza”

Tom Kutza interviews Stanley Coveleski – 1969

Stanley Coveleski was born Stanislaus Kowalewski on July 13th 1889 in Shamokin, PA. He was a 5 foot, 11 inch, right handed pitcher that made his major league debut in 1912 with the Philadelphia Athletics. Through 1928, Coveleski would play for the Cleveland Indians, The Washington Senators and The New York Yankees.He had a 60%Continue reading “Tom Kutza interviews Stanley Coveleski – 1969”

WISL HALL OF FAME: Howard Hertzog a.k.a Scott Davis

Howard Hertzog was a very busy guy in the Shamokin Area. During his short life, he managed to pack in as much activity and good will as he could. Howard was an active member of the Jaycees and served on the committee that raised the money needed to purchase a heart monitor for Shamokin StateContinue reading “WISL HALL OF FAME: Howard Hertzog a.k.a Scott Davis”

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