Vintage Shamokin Equipment Jingle

Shamokin Equipment Corner of Shamokin and Sunbury Streets Shamokin Equipment is located at the corner of Sunbury and Shamokin streets and has served Shamokin for over 50 years. As the advertisement below states, they were a full service business equipment supplier in the early days. Most in Shamokin know the business for it’s selection ofContinue reading “Vintage Shamokin Equipment Jingle”

WISL HALL OF FAME: “The Morning Mayor” Tom Kutza

There are few names more recognizable in the Shamokin and Mount Carmel areas than Tom Kutza, and even fewer that conjure up such positive and happy memories. Of all the voices heard over the WISL airwaves, Tom’s was there the longest, spending roughly 34 years behind the microphone. To many, it’s unimaginable to think thatContinue reading “WISL HALL OF FAME: “The Morning Mayor” Tom Kutza”

Classic WISL jingles 1950’s vintage

If you’ve listened to the live stream at, you are probably familiar with the classic jingles presented in the oldies format. It’s hard to believe, but these jingles never aired on the original WISL. These jingles are actually edits, and were created using different vintage jingle packages from WFIL in Philadelphia and WISM in Madison,Continue reading “Classic WISL jingles 1950’s vintage”

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